05 11 / 2012

There is something so freeing in realizing internal truths about yourself. Just being you is beautiful.

31 5 / 2012

It took me so long to accept myself for who I really am. And to be okay being me. And to actually like myself. And to get past all the hate that is so often thrown in our faces.

Peace & Love ✌

03 5 / 2012

I don’t do well dating rappers.

Really, it’s not a good idea.

29 4 / 2012

Sometimes the pain hurts so bad I feel like I can’t breathe. And even though it’s not that bad… It’s really hard for my brain to recognize it. In my heart, in my mind the pain cuts deeper than a knife ever could.

26 4 / 2012

I spend too much time googling shit I shouldn’t. Ugh, such a spy am I.

25 4 / 2012

But, sometimes my eyelashes really annoy me.

Like OCD annoy me.

25 4 / 2012

I just wanna say…


If you ever need to talk…

I’m here!

20 4 / 2012

I am nothing but anxious.

17 4 / 2012

I couldn’t stop thinking of you.

I even found myself crying.

I wish I knew…

09 4 / 2012

Swallow me up, swallow me whole, spit me right out, I’m too much for your system, and that I don’t doubt.