31 12 / 2012

I hope everyone has or has had a great night! :)

Chantelle & I are staying in at her grandmother’s. Her grandma made us dinner & we’re getting ready to play games. And maybe drink a little. Hehe.

Oh, and remember to be safe! xoxo

24 12 / 2012

There are some things that can never be tainted no matter how hard the outside world might try…

My heart is one of them and so are you and I.

17 12 / 2012

If anyone ever needs to talk I’m here.

And yes, that means you!

05 11 / 2012

There is something so freeing in realizing internal truths about yourself. Just being you is beautiful.

27 7 / 2012

Today was pretty great. Work went fucking fantastic! Ran some errands. Watched the opening ceremony. And now I’m getting ready for a date! Yeah, I’m so excited!! I’m even trying to look hott, which I almost never do. So, I hope that tonight goes great too! ;)

18 6 / 2012

Missing my morning coffee today ended up equalling a massive headache. Which in turn ended up equalling a Starbucks run on my lunch break.

Headache, I’ve now given you the caffeine you’re asking for…. Go away now, please!

~ Jules

03 6 / 2012

Where do u want to be in 10 years?

02 6 / 2012

I leave for Las Vegas! I’m both a little happy and a little sad. Happy that I’ll be living by my bff, Britta, but sad that I’m leaving so many friends behind. :( 

At least it’s just for an internship and it will be no time before I’m back home again. I’m pretty excited for the internship. And excited to spend some time in vegas. It seemed like every time I made plans to go visit Britta, they fell through. My friend, well she is awesome! Super smart and nothing like me. Lol. Well, she is a vegan… So, we have that in common. 

And I guess that it will be nice to have a permanent place to live for a while. I don’t know if any of you remember last summer or not. I spent the whole summer driving around the country and staying with people I met at gas stations. I did meet this really awesome girl, Astrid. I lived with her for a while. Gosh, I think I’ll always love her just a bit. And then this winter I lived with Isaac, the rapper. He’ll always be special too. Ah, those were fun times!! I’m still good friends with both of them. 

So, yeah by June I’ll have lived in 6 cities in a year. Lol. I get around. At least I got to see a lot of the US. So, my gypsy ways did me some favors. 

31 5 / 2012

It took me so long to accept myself for who I really am. And to be okay being me. And to actually like myself. And to get past all the hate that is so often thrown in our faces.

Peace & Love ✌

27 5 / 2012

I’ve been so busy lately. June 1st I was suppose to be going to work in Paris. Now however, it seems I’ll be going to intern in Vegas. Which I kinda like better bc 1 of my BFFs, Britta lives there. So, that should make the whole thing tons more fun!!!